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Anna Rose

Maries River Red

The Maries River, which is a stone’s throw from our vineyards, has been fuller than usual lately, with the rains we have been having. There were even a couple of times when the river left its banks and covered the road to our wine production barn, cutting off the one way out. I guess there are worse places to be stuck.

Our Maries River Red is a full bodied sweet red wine made with Chambourcin grapes. As with our other reds, we ferment this wine in Missouri white oak barrels. This process provides a depth to our Maries River Red not found in most other sweet reds. No sulfites added.

When producing our Maries River Red, it is easy to picture farm winemakers of yesteryear—European immigrants who used their traditional, natural winemaking techniques to create wines with substance and delight from the Chambourcin grape.

Chill this wine down and serve it in whatever clear glasses you have handy. The beautiful ruby color, fruity aromas, and dignified taste will be readily evident.