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Riesling Semi DryRiesling Semi Dry

A couple of things are striking in our latest Semi-Dry Riesling—racy citrus tones and balanced mouthfeel. Distinct citrus and stone fruit aromas and flavors are testaments to the fine interplay of crisp acidity and light fruitiness. The non-genetically modified yeast we use naturally enhances mouthfeel so the wine is neither too tongue-coating nor too thin. It takes high quality grapes and careful fermentation management to strike such balances in a delicate wine like this.

This wine would be labeled Halbtrocken (meaning “off-dry”) if bottled in Germany, and we used amber bottles traditionally used in Germany’s Rhine valley for such a wine. Riesling is known for its sensitivity to environmental forces during the growing season and during production. We do not know exactly what created the citrus tones in this year’s Rieslings, but it certainly is a welcome new characteristic. Chill and enjoy.