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Riesling SweetRiesling Sweet

Fermentation is an exothermic process (it releases heat), but excessive heat can diminish the floral, fruity aromas of Riesling, and it can add harshness to a wine or stop fermentation all together. The stainless steel tank in which we ferment our Rieslings is fitted with a jacket, similar to a car’s radiator. Just as coolant is circulated throughout a radiator, cool water (from a well, cooled by its depth) circulates through the Riesling tank’s cooling jacket. The wonderful effectiveness of our tank cooling system once again proved itself for our Rieslings. Fermentation was slow and cool, resulting in a wine that preserved the positive attributes of the excellent fruit.

The attractiveness and fun of our Sweet Riesling is conspicuous. What is revealed upon careful tasting are floral and citrus aromas and tastes which evidence this noble grape’s relation to some of the finest Rhine wines. This is not a wine benefits from unsupervised activity, but, with a little attention, it can be sweet without losing its dignity.