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"I had a sample of your cab franc several years ago at the Mo wine fest in E. Springs. It was the BEST Mo red I ever had! I cannot find anyone that carries it in KC. I would like to order some. I assume you carry different vintages at different prices. Can you send me some info on your superb cab franc at this address so I couold order some from the winery or give me directions to get to you. Thanks so much!"

Tammy B.

"Terry, I was one of the crazy people you opened your tasting room to yesterday. I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say again how much we appreciated your hospitality (and your wine!!). We have met hundreds of people on our wine treks across the state and I can honestly say no one tops your sincerity, generosity and friendliness. Westphalia will be the talk of many conversations in the weeks and months to come!

Thank you again….hope the 7 tons of grapes went well for you - good crushing!!!!"

Becky D.

"Hi Terry...hope all is well with you, Mary, family, and vineyard:)!

Just wanted to let you know I grilled a sirloin steak tonight, medium rare, and had it with the pasta recipe attached, accompanied by one of your Norton Reserve's (2010). Perfect combination of flavors and your Norton is nothing short of in MO as far as I'm concerned!

Have a good Fall and God willing will see you before TDay week to replenish my supply of Westphalia Winery wines!"

Mark C.

"My fiancé and I love your wines!"

Lauren M.

"I sampled many Missouri wines this year, visiting 40 wineries throughout the state. I tasted many good wines, a few great wines, and one that was truly exceptional. That one exceptional wine was none other than your Cabernet Franc. It is truly something special, and it completely legitimises Missouri Wine. Great job Westphalia."

Lucas K.

"Visited this past weekend from KC and was blown away by your Prodigal Son, Naughty But Nice, and Osage Innocence Vignoles. My wife and I split a bottle of Prodigal and enjoyed a fantastic fried chicken dinner with fresh mashed potatoes and green beans. We will be back soon!"


"Just finished my masters degree a few weeks ago, so to celebrate I popped an '06 Norton reserve I had bought a couple years ago from Terry. Better than I remember. Best wishes to everyone at Westphalia."


"I stopped by with my daughter and a friend last weekend. We were doing a circuit of wineries and filling up our little booklets. Yours was the first stop. You told me then that yours was the best and explained to me what made your wine so special. I must say you were 100% correct. I bought a bottle of your Cabernet Franc. I think it is the best tasting wine I have ever had the privilege of drinking. Of course our bottle of Naughty but Nice was great too! I'm spoiled now... lol... It must be Westphalia Wine from now on! Thanks for giving us the opportunity of discovering how great your wine is!"


"I am the glad recipient of the bottle of Westphalia "Prodigal Son" (2008) that you gave to my brother-in-law, Boris Bauer, of the Norton Wine Travelers mentioned in your blog. Boris wanted me to share my impressions:

The wine presents a dark, reddish-brown color which is expected from a Norton but there is also a bright ruby halo around the outer edge, altogether pleasing.
On the nose, the wine bombards you with woods' earth and dried apricots with herbal and citric overtones.
In the mouth, there is an immediate burst of flavor, not just with the first but with each sip through at least two glasses (I stopped there). The wine is fruit forward but the fruit is luscious and ripe and complex almost like a late harvest wine. The finish is slow and lingering.
This wine would pair happily with home baked bread and ripe Camembert or Stilton following a meal, a bit like a Port.
Most of the Nortons I have tasted are such huge wines they overpower food so I am especially interested in how Norton blends with other grapes. "Prodigal Son" is a blend of Norton and Cabernet Franc and it is lovely.
Many thanks to you for making it possible for me to sample this wine. Next time, just send it directly to me!"

Doug V

"Hello Terry, a couple of weeks ago my wife and I stopped in the Norton Room to taste some of your wine. During the tasting, my wife told you she gets serious headaches from drinking some types of red wine. You said she may not get headaches with your Cabernet Franc due to the low sulfates. You also asked that we notify you with the results of her drinking your red wine. We are pleased to report she did not get a headache after Drinking your Cabernet Franc. Sorry to have missed you yesterday but we stopped by and bought four bottles of the Cabernet to take home with us."


"Thank you so much for the Westphalia 2008 Norton. Being such a new Norton, I wasn't expecting much, but boy was I wrong. Jane's comments were: "The wine is unsurpassed. Mellow on the palate, but great fruit finish. Norton character without the peppers and sours." This Norton was the blackest wine I've ever seen. I know we hear the term "inky black" often (isn't that just the darkest purple imaginable?), but this is midnight black, cave black, blackberry black, bear black, and you come up with other descriptors of black. There are faint aromas of something that I cannot detail. Damson plums? Currants? Nutmeg? I know this maybe a sacrilege in the world of Norton wines, but was I confusing this wine with the essence of an exceptional Sonoma Valley Russian River Zinfandel? This maybe better than what I imagine when anticipating a bold Norton, but all the while doing this with a medium distinctive oak finish. It's as close to the best of "drink now" Nortons that I've ever had, but willing to bet it could hold up well for a few more years. This is worthy of case investment.

Thank you again for making the effort to meet us in the wilds of St. James."


"Nice seeing you again at Best of Missouri. OMG, that wine is wonderful - I sent one of my workers back to your booth to get 2 more bottles. Love it!"


"My wife brought home a bottle of your Cabernet Franc after tasting it at Freddie's Market today. I've suffered a few Missouri plonks that would be better packaged and sold as turpentine, and other egregious in-state wines, most of which were the unbearable sweet variety. Haven't tried a MO wine in years and was apprehensive. I liked your Cabernet Franc very much and congratulate you on offering the first decent, no, really good, Missouri wine I've found. Well done."

Kurt H

"Terry, as I told you the other day I would likely try the Cabernet Franc sooner rather than later. Well, I had a glass on Monday night and I was so impressed that I had to have another last night. Terry, I can see why it was rated an 87. It really has a great nose and excellent finish. You have crafted a real winner."

Joe S

"Paul, I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had a great one. The wine was excellent! I had to pass everyone the link to your website!"

Diana J

"On the first take I think the Prodigal Son is my favorite of the Westphalia lineup. I think this is distinctly European and mostly a French flare for the earthiness on the palate. Very drinkable and doesn't need food. Best , I think at room temp or maybe 56 degrees. Lamb would be great , blue cheese , walnut and pear. Beautiful dark inky color in the glass, bright edges and woody nose. A very serious glass of wine. Thanks so much."


"I just open a bottle last night .... incredible. I am glad I have a few more . Great wine and I will make sure I save for special occasion now. THANKS"

Theresa P.

"OK, after the fight with UPS I just had to see if the prize was worth it so I cracked open a bottle of the Westphalia Vineyards 2006 Norton Reserve. Oh what a treat (and no, I am not letting its origins cloud my judgment... come taste it for yourself). For those not familiar with the Norton grape (another American varietal, this time red), this wine makes me think that a Zinfandel and a Syrah had a child. The color is a beautiful deep purply-red and produces firm, thick legs in my Riedel. The nose delivers peppery spicy goodness complementing the currant and berry fruits which are transported into the mouth along with a hint of vanilla (interesting note, Westphalia uses Missouri Oak for its barrels making Westphalia Vineyards the closest I can do in "buying Missouri") where we have the flavors mixed with balanced tannins and acid and providing a medium-long finish. The mouthfeel is interesting... it starts off a little soft but firms up the farther it goes through its finish. The juicy fruit makes me smack my lips after each taste and for some reason I cannot stop "sniffing" the wine (it's triggering something from my childhood but I cannot quite tell what it is).

This is a fabulous wine. I wish I had a nice juicy grill-seared steak (I can definitely see this as an alternative to the typical Zinfandel served at cookouts). This is a pretty big wine, drinkable now but should be able to keep a few more years. If you like Zins and Syrahs this wine from a young winery definitely deserves a checking out."

Mike P.

"I decided to serve a Missouri wine at this year's Thanksgiving feast. My selection was your Cabernet Franc. It paired beautifully with the turkey and trimmings, and won over a table full of visiting family. Three bottles was barely enough. From now on a bottle of your wine will grace our holiday table. Thanks for helping to create a memorable Thanksgiving dinner!"


"Tim, we just opened a bottle of your 2006 Norton. It was excelllent!!! I haven't tasted any that is better. Keep up the good work and keep in touch."

Gary and Carol